Male Penis Enhancement

A male enhancement product, that will leave you not needing any other solution ever again, literally.


Invigo Male Enhancement Pills

Clinically Tested

Though the key ingredients in Invigo have been time tested over 20 centuries for their efficacy and safety, we believe in proper in proper clinical validation as well. So Invigo is clinically tested in labs across the world, and every batch produced is also externally tested.


Lasting Results

While most pills bring in dependency, we do just the opposite. You wont need us too long, as we work on providing you with a sustainable solution rather than have you needing to carry around a bottle of pills every day of your life. We offer lasting results, and our solutions are sustainable.


No Side Effects

Invigo works on Ayurvedic principles. Ayurveda provides solutions that do not disrupt the regular functioning of the body. It merely brings back the natural balance of the body, naturally. Thus the use of Invigo leaves one with absolutely no adverse side effects.


A Revolutionary Male Enhancement Pill

Avoid Depression - Start Performing

82% of men suffering from ED, end up showing signs of depression. This is statistically validated. If you are suffering from sexual performance issues, there is a very high probability that this could leave you suffering from clinical depression as well, if it already has not. Why get yourself there?

It’s proven! Men who perform better on bed live happier lives.

Sex is directly linked to happiness. Poor performance in bed is all it takes for an other wise happy and successful man to feel like a failure. Why endure all that when you can have Invigo, and resolve your sexual health problems, with absolutely no adverse side effect. It’s a no brainer.

Freedom from Pills

Some men end up having their lives (well at least their sex lives) revolve around pills. These enhancement pills merely suppress symptoms and help you have good sex, for a day or a night. A few hours later, after the effects wear out, if you wish to have sex again, you will need those pills again. So practically, they end up needing these pills every day of their lives, or whenever they need to have sex.

You won’t need Invigo all your life

Invigo works differently. Invigo works on addressing the root cause of a problem that the symptom of a problem. So people who have Invigo, won’t need any pill after a few weeks, and can begin to start having it again a few months later only when they feel the need for a sexual rejuvenation. After the first couple of weeks, you will never have to run in search of a pill, when you want to have sex.

Sex is best when you’re not prepared for it!!

98% men, and 93% women prefer sex when they are surprised with it, when they don’t have to plan and prepare for it. Invigo helps you have sex anytime, all the time, without any prior warning needed. After the first couple of weeks of use, you don’t need to stick to a regimen and have Invigo every day to perform like a star on bed. The sustainable results our pills provide, last really long.

5 Pronged Mechanism:

Clears Channels

Amla/Garlic is an ingredient in our product that is most often used for its ability to clear channels and blood vessels. Blockages in one’s channels (like arteries) is a very common underlying cause for sexual health problems in men. We work on addressing that.

Boosts Metabolism

A higher metabolism supports male enhancement by increasing general energy levels and stamina. 3 of the 7 ingredients used in Invigo (1,2 and 3) have been proven to help in increasing the body’s metabolism.

Increases Blood Circulation

Ashwagandha, one of India’s oldest and most famous herbs, has been known for ages to increase blood circulation. Nothing boosts male enhancement with an instant impact as much as an increase in blood circulation does.

Strengthens Nervous Signals

When one’s blood circulation and hormonal levels are fine, very often the only remaining problem that could cause a sexual incompetency is a problem in the nervous system. The body needs to be able to send the right nervous signals to initiate and and retain an erection. 123, our ingredient is known and recognized for its ability to strengthen nervous signals.

Supplements Testosterone

Hormonal deficiencies very often end up being the root cause for sexual incompetencies. Stigmasterol, a Triterpene Saponin found is musli, has a molecular structure and properties identical to Testosterone, the male sex hormone.

Invigo 100% Money Back Guarantee

Though the full impact of our product will be seen only after 7 to 10 days of use, you should definitely start noticing an improvement in your performance by Day 2. Most of our users do. If you do not, feel free to get in touch with us to initiate the return process for a full refund.

We have no problem giving a money back guarantee for Invigo.

Our numbers speak!

More than 29166 pills of the Invigo formula have been consumed every hour. That is about 484 pills a minute, consumed by 242 people. For a 11 year old company which operates only in 14 countries, that’s a huge volume, that can never be achieved without a product that works. In short 282 people can’t go wrong every single minute.back up right after you’ve had an orgasm to go for round 2. And most of all watch your confidence hit an all new high.